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eAngel Human Proofreading APK logo image

eAngel Human Proofreading APK


May 19 16

In order to use the service the user can send his text directly to a designated...It was pretty cool to see the differences and mistakes the service found they picked...Unlike automated proofreading and grammar solutions here real people read these...

Life in the UK Test 2013 APK logo image

Life in the UK Test 2013 APK


September 17 15

Show the hint from config menu made easy understanding the correct answer...Mark all the difficult questions to your review questions...Random Mock Test using random questions covering all the Topics required for the...

Tenses grammar games for kids APK logo image

Tenses grammar games for kids APK

Prathed Sangwongvanit

March 25 16

English grammar tense education games for kids to inspire advanced beautiful correct...A great magic motivating advance english dictionary activity that are talking mate...A us tv online simple business english writing designed to help fluent english grammar...



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