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Kotlin Weather APK logo image

Kotlin Weather APK


February 06 2015

Kotlin Weather REST API Kotlin Kotlin Weather example...

Gank.io for Kotlin APK logo image

Gank.io for Kotlin APK


June 08 16

It is more concise than Java in the development process used delegate property ...io of api Kotlin is based Jvm a new language can be used to develop Android apps...io sister is a working day will share diagrams technical articles and recreational...

TechStacks (Kotlin) APK logo image

TechStacks (Kotlin) APK


June 05 16

TechStacks written in Kotlin lets you Browse Technology Stacks of popular StartUps...Discover new technology used to create compelling User Experiences and find out behind...Quickly find out who else is using your favorite Programming Language Databases...

Days Until APK logo image

Days Until APK


May 30 16

Mainly developed to showcase technologies such as...

Kodic APK logo image

Kodic APK


June 03 16

Codic Android Kotlin ...This is a sample application that was created in Kotlin...

饭否精选 APK logo image

饭否精选 APK


July 11 16

App Kotlin https...am Update App Kotlin prepared by the Project address...com marktony FanfouHandpick Featured rice has great content every day every day...

Aplin APK logo image

Aplin APK


May 19 16

Aplin is an application manager for your Android smartphone...All System Disablable User Internet permissions Draw over other apps Source...

K TextEditor APK logo image

K TextEditor APK


August 03 16

K Text Editor is simple and cute text editor developed in Kotlin Programming Language...

Passos do Impeachment (Demo) APK logo image

Passos do Impeachment (Demo) APK

Allan Yoshio Hasegawa

April 13 2016

A full demo Android app showcasing data syncing with a RESTful server...Kotlin RxJava StorIO Retrofit Google Cloud Messaging GCM Espresso The...Android SyncAdapter manages when the data will be synced a process done using Retrofit...

Popular APK logo image

Popular APK


October 02 15

You can see popular images and videos of Instagram...A Sample application written in Kotlin and using Anko...com importre popular Search related popular apk android movie apps popular apk...

Number Sequence APK logo image

Number Sequence APK

Elye Project

June 19 16

If you got stuck just ask your friend to play along...this is a simple App I create in experimenting Kotlin...

Web Dashboard APK logo image

Web Dashboard APK


June 06 16

This little App takes a url and then creates a full screen persistent dashboard...PS This App was created using Kotlin and the Anko library...The screen will be kept on while the App is open so that it can be used to display...

Github Trends APK logo image

Github Trends APK

Wenchao Lao

March 02 16

It s a GitHub Trending repositories Viewer with Material Design...Sorted by A Z ActionScript ApacheConf Assembly Batchfile C C...C CMake CSS Clojure CoffeeScript Common Lisp Crystal D Dart Elixir Emacs...

影梭R - ShadowsocksRDroid(官方版) APK logo image

影梭R - ShadowsocksRDroid(官方版) APK


December 14 2015

n Kotlin Java ShadowSocksR...Compatible Shadowsocks agreement has added partial support nfor ShadowsocksR agreement...MIT BC n n play ...

SojoBus APK logo image

SojoBus APK


November 22 2015

SojoBus JR ...

Ziemia Kłodzka APK logo image

Ziemia Kłodzka APK

Amistad sp. z o.o.

September 17 15

Aplikacja mobilna Ziemia K odzka to propozycja aktywnego przemierzania jednej...An additional advantage of the application are articles about local cultural events...Aplikacja to doskona a alternatywa dla przemierzania Kotliny K odzkiej szlakami...

AppDialer T9 app/people search APK logo image

AppDialer T9 app/people search APK

Aleksey Masny

October 03 15

Ever been swamped by contacts and apps This awesome T launcher is built for power...Best time saving app Find contacts super quickly...Icon pack support for stylish personalization and appearance...

AppDialer Pro T9 finder APK logo image

AppDialer Pro T9 finder APK

Aleksey Masny

June 29 2015

AppDialer Pro T finder for Android video Trailer...Best time saving app Find contacts super quickly...Icon pack support for stylish personalization and appearance...



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