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Allergy and Asthma school APK logo image

Allergy and Asthma school APK

Alessandro Tellini

August 11 16

Allergy and Asthma school un applicazione ideata dall azienda Farmaceutica...Allergy and Asthma School is an application by the company A...All interno saranno presenti tutti gli atti del congresso programma scientifico...

Allergy-Asthma APK logo image

Allergy-Asthma APK

Rick Khona

March 07 16

Family Allergy & Asthma APK logo image

Family Allergy & Asthma APK

Family Allergy and Asthma

September 16 15

Family Allergy Asthma s patient app puts many great features in the palm of your...Scan in for allergy shots View current pollen counts Request prescription refills...If you have yet to receive a username and password for the Portal ask at the front...

Advanced Allergy Relief APK logo image

Advanced Allergy Relief APK

Sfraire, Inc

March 07 16

Advanced Allergy Relief s custom application that allows you to track your results...Advanced Allergy Relief clinic uses an admin web based page where they can tailor...All of this at the tip of your finger and any compatible mobile device...

Allergy and Immunology APK logo image

Allergy and Immunology APK

StatPearls Publishing, LLC

March 07 16

Allergy and Immunology Multiple Choice Question Review Includes...Multiple choice fact scenario and case based questions Correct answers and explanations...We do this by providing high quality peer reviewed educationally sound questions...

ENT and Allergy APK logo image

ENT and Allergy APK

ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP

May 15 16

ENT and Allergy provides Adult and Pediatric ENT Voice and Swallowing Facial Plastics...

Allergy and Immunology Review APK logo image

Allergy and Immunology Review APK

KnowledgeTesting, Inc.

December 30 2013

multiple choice fact scenario and case based questions Correct answers and explanations...We do this by providing high quality peer reviewed educationally sound questions...

Speak and Write Ga Language APK logo image

Speak and Write Ga Language APK


May 07 2015

Ga Language is widely spoken in Ghana and around the world with many Ga people and...Addition of graphical images to aid language translations...Calendar notifications to use the app are incorporated in the app design to ensure...

Doubling And Halving Advanced APK logo image

Doubling And Halving Advanced APK


December 06 2013

This is an extension to existing Doubling and Halving App...Doubling Halving Multiplication By Multiplication By Multiplication...Hence it proves to be a boon for acing competitive exams...

Advanced Dry Walls and More APK logo image

Advanced Dry Walls and More APK

Andre Jason Blake

September 15 15

Advanced Dry Walls Promotional App Download and enjoy the special features of our...Connect with us on Facebook Visit our Website Email Us Voice Adds Enjoy our Click...Advanced Dry Walls Highly Exceptional Team of Professionals We specialize in...

Sun and Shade (GSSE) Advanced APK logo image

Sun and Shade (GSSE) Advanced APK

Erik Nord

November 19 2014

Sun and Shade GSSE Advanced for Android video Trailer...The Global Sun and Shade Estimator GSSE can tell you wherever you are and for...It can for instance tell you how long there is sun in the evening on the terrace...

Asthma ! APK logo image

Asthma ! APK


January 14 2014

Do you suffer from Asthma or think you do You owe it to yourself and family to...Amazing videos on the available treatments for asthma...If you live life with Asthma you must find all you can Now...

GK in Hindi and GA in Hindi APK logo image

GK in Hindi and GA in Hindi APK

Jitendra Sharma

August 06 2016

Black and White Tiles Advanced APK logo image

Black and White Tiles Advanced APK

KLL App Studio

March 05 16

Black and White Tiles Advance is here your fingers need to be prepared to tab on...Can even play in offline mode This game has ads Always remember don t tap the...Just tap the black piano tiles play the piano sound...

Learn Urdu Basics and Advanced APK logo image

Learn Urdu Basics and Advanced APK

Abdullah Akhtar Edhi

December 09 15

Learn Urdu Basics and Advanced is an educational application developed to educate...Familiarize yourself with day to day Urdu words and sentences using Learn Urdu...From this application users can learn fundamentals of Urdu...

Asthma APK logo image

Asthma APK


March 08 16

Search related asthma apps for android asthma app for kids asthma appetite asthma...Recently the United Nations has adopted the use of Yoga to promote the health of...The book is simple and interesting with few anecdotes about some miraculous incidents...

Asthma APK logo image

Asthma APK

PapTap L.T.D

February 28 16

Search related asthma apps for kids asthma aphasia asthma apple juice asthma...What Is Asthma Asthma is a disease that affects your lungs...Asthma causes wheezing breathlessness chest tightness and coughing at night or...

Asthma APK logo image

Asthma APK


September 23 15

Search related asthma apps good asthma approved vacuums asthma appreciation month...Asthma is a condition about airways narrow and swell and produce extra mucus...Asthma can be a major problem that interferes with daily activities...

Allergy Ally APK logo image

Allergy Ally APK

OSIA Medical, LLC

October 04 15

elevation relative humidity temperature barometric pressure grass pollen...A trigger is anything that causes inflammation of the airways and brings on the symptoms...Allergy Ally even makes it easy for you to share your data with your immunologist...

Gainesville Map offline APK logo image

Gainesville Map offline APK


September 05 15

Gainesville United States Map offline is an application that allows you to view...Add your own map points for example your hotel or your car parking space...Allows you to search for addresses save points on the map...

Gainesville Health & Fitness APK logo image

Gainesville Health & Fitness APK

Bottega Sol

September 28 15

Check out the only gym in Gainesville that is staffed hours a day and offers ...Once you are here you become part of something special not just a health club ...View class schedules class changes add a class to your calendar view current announcements...

Gainesville Weather APK logo image

Gainesville Weather APK


October 05 15

Tells you the weather only in Gainesville Florida...This is a test app and therefore should not be thoroughly judged however will be...

First Friday Gainesville APK logo image

First Friday Gainesville APK

ShoutEm, Inc.

September 17 15

First Friday Gainesville unlocks specials at over downtown bars and restaurants...Use the app to interact with other First Friday attendees discover downtown attractions...

Allergy APK logo image

Allergy APK


August 02 16

Due to the increasing number of the people afected by allergy around the world we...Keeping you up to date This app feeds from Medical News Today...

Visit Gainesville APK logo image

Visit Gainesville APK

Bluebridge Tourism LLC

October 05 15

Download Visit Gainesville to discover things to see eat and do in town...Visit Gainesville is the official visitor information office for Alachua County ...

Gainesville State College APK logo image

Gainesville State College APK

YouVisit LLC

October 03 15

A location based Campus Map will highlight important landmarks on campus and will...As you approach buildings our tour guide will provide you with important information...Browse through a list of interactive panoramas of covering various locations...

Gainesville Bail APK logo image

Gainesville Bail APK

One Solution Apps

September 17 15

This is the official app for Tyrone Baker Bail Bonds a member of the Florida Gator...Use the panic button in the event you are ever arrested this will send your information...We have all the bail forms in one convenient location within the app...

CBS4 News Gainesville APK logo image

CBS4 News Gainesville APK

HelloWorld, Inc.

July 29 16

The WGFL CBS News app is faster smarter and more interactive than ever...Live news stream Current weather and traffic Personalized news feed Audio Playlist...Create a personalized local news feed build an audio playlist that reads the news...

Report Rape Gainesville APK logo image

Report Rape Gainesville APK

Rossy Parker

September 16 15

Citizens of Gainesville Florida can make an anonymous rape report to the Gainesville...They see contact information for the agencies available to help rape victims...Victims who file a report at the website will have options including Remaining...

Masma - Asthma Management APK logo image

Masma - Asthma Management APK

Praxis Health

April 14 15

Masma is your personal virtual asthma coach that helps you get in control of your...Masma provides you with a smart asthma management system great tools personalized...

Asthma Tick APK logo image

Asthma Tick APK


October 04 15

Severe Asthma Guru APK logo image

Severe Asthma Guru APK

Pattanachat Wongcharuwat

September 29 15

The Severe Asthma Guru is extremely useful for healthcare professionals to enhance...Since Severe asthma is likely complicated remains difficultly understood to make...This app includes Asthma information Interactive assessment of asthma control...

Asthma (PLUG) APK logo image

Asthma (PLUG) APK

Yoga Om Vibration

September 16 15

The long and deep breathing pranayama helps you to become more aware of your breathing...Warning This application requires the installation of the general application...Asthma can be caused by a crisis of stress awareness of breathing increases the...

Visionary Allergy Tracker APK logo image

Visionary Allergy Tracker APK

Rosch Visionary Systems, Inc.

April 06 2016

Visionary Allergy Tracker helps you stay compliant with your allergy injections...Shot dashboard gives you a quick glance at your treatment history Extensive treatment...In addition you can opt to receive reminders about upcoming and or overdue shots...

Food Allergy Adventure APK logo image

Food Allergy Adventure APK

Virtually Better, Inc.

February 28 16

Food Allergy Adventure is a project aimed at educating children about food allergies...Children using the program will engage in different social scenarios and mini games...

Allergy Scan APK logo image

Allergy Scan APK

Silicon.dk ApS

October 05 15

This app is intended for use by people who has one or more of the more common food...The products database is crowdsourced meaning that it is mainly filled by people...With this app you can scan the food products in your local grocery store and it will...

Food Allergy Safety APK logo image

Food Allergy Safety APK

Upward Mobility

December 11 2014

Peanut Allergy Information APK logo image

Peanut Allergy Information APK

thaweepong kongkratin

September 16 15

Information of the diseases contained in this application are not intended for...Information of the diseases contained in this application are not intended for...This app provides complete information about peanut allergy diseases...

Asthma Help APK logo image

Asthma Help APK

Dusko Savic

February 28 16

Would you like to breath without effort relax have control of your life again and...What is asthma Symptoms of asthma Herbal cures Chinese herbal cures Ayurveda...

Asthma Test APK logo image

Asthma Test APK


October 04 15

Taking this simple test will help you and your doctor understand the control level...Answer simple questions and get a valuable information on how well your asthma...Regularly taking this test will help you and your doctor adjust asthma management...

Clinics Collections: Asthma APK logo image

Clinics Collections: Asthma APK

MedHand Mobile Libraries

November 27 2015

Asthma draws from Elsevier s robust Clinics Review Articles database to provide...Asthma guides readers on how to apply current primary research findings on asthma...Elsevier n nMedHand Mobile Libraries offers...

Connolly Asthma App APK logo image

Connolly Asthma App APK

URXmobile System, Inc.

September 16 15

Connolly Asthma App will revolutionize the way the vast majority of people with asthma...Connolly Asthma App is a special custom program developed in conjunction with the...Each user s experience is personalized which ensures that the program is delivering...

Yoga for Asthma APK logo image

Yoga for Asthma APK


November 20 2014

Yoga for Asthma provides a structured series of yoga poses which aim to alleviate...This App is available for the PC and Mac as well Yoga for Asthma for Android video...Suryanamaskara A Sun Salutation Adho Mukha Svanasana Downward dog Ustrasana...

Allergy Cure Allergy Ke Upchar APK logo image

Allergy Cure Allergy Ke Upchar APK

Parag Bhai Shah

September 16 15

Asthma Storylines APK logo image

Asthma Storylines APK

Health Storylines

June 25 2015

Asthma Storylines from the Allergy Asthma Network and powered by Health Storylines...Asthma Storylines allows you to track and gain insights about daily asthma control...It gives you an accurate shareable record of the asthma experience between physician...

Asthma Checker APK logo image

Asthma Checker APK

Venkata Sudha

May 01 16

Android application for checking asthma but in development mode so do nt download...

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