Legend of Obi APK Version 0.3.4 (Beta)

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Dragon Arena Martial ArtsSeptember 28 15Android 2.2 and up


Dragon Arena Martial Arts

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0.3.4 (Beta)

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Android 2.2+


March 14,2016

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Gain your Martial Art skills in "Legend of Obi" and...In the Martial Arts, it is what a student earns as...Choose between our Heroes, Kenny or Sakura, and meet...Master this game to acquire the basic set of skills...more

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Legend of Obi APK
Legend of Obi APK
Legend of Obi APK
Legend of Obi APK
Legend of Obi APK
Legend of Obi APK
Legend of Obi APK
Legend of Obi APK
Legend of Obi APK

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LatestVersion:0.3.4 (Beta).
No Version History available!.

Legend of Obi APK information

  • Name: Legend of Obi APK
  • Category: Action
  • Publish Date: September 28 15
  • Publisher: Dragon Arena Martial Arts
  • Requirements: Android 2.2
  • Package Name:

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