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Kings droid

March 07 16

DOUBLE BATTERY SAVER is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer...Accurate Status smart technology helps you know exactly how much battery charging...Choose or customize a mode that fits your energy usage...

Battery Double APK logo image

Battery Double APK

Mansoon Software

March 07 16

More than of the users world wide are finding this app useful...Is your device ALWAYS Running Out of Battery Get Battery Double NOW...Increase in Audio Video playback time Increase in talk time Increase in G...

Eka Double Battery APK logo image

Eka Double Battery APK

Eka Riyadi

May 16 16

FEATURES Displays battery information in percent Supports the lock screen...Temperature Voltage Health status Technology...Battery indicates the battery charge level of your device...

Double A CI2016 APK logo image

Double A CI2016 APK

Double A (1991) Public Co., Ltd.

June 21 16

Double It! A Fun Numbers Game APK logo image

Double It! A Fun Numbers Game APK

Razi Syed

September 16 15

The goal is to combine adjacent numbers that are the same and get to as big a number...x double any number next to it and bomb removes any number next to it...

Double A - Pallet Lucky Draw APK logo image

Double A - Pallet Lucky Draw APK

Double A (1991) Public Co., Ltd.

August 13 16

Dealer Distributor Double...Just register and scan QR on the Double A Paper Pallet Product Type A GSM up to...

Double A - Snap and Share APK logo image

Double A - Snap and Share APK

Double A (1991) Public Co., Ltd.

June 21 16

Double A Snap Share ...Account can request to use Apple apps Snap Sahre from the CD that you care...He won the right to a simple If you are a store that sells Double A was able to...

A Battery Widget - Available APK logo image

A Battery Widget - Available APK


September 17 15

hours after using it you can get more of accurate and variety data...

Acid APK logo image

Acid APK

Paul Klemstine

July 25 16

Realtime emulation of a Roland TB synthesizer TR and TR drum machines...Draw in notes adjust the sound parameters with knobs and two joysticks auto create...I ts a rough first prototype but I wanted to share it...

Battery Dr saver+a task killer APK logo image

Battery Dr saver+a task killer APK


July 23 16

About write Browser s history and bookmarks permission...Battery Dr saver a task killer for Android video Trailer...click to clear search history and all cached files...

Acid Ape Chess APK logo image

Acid Ape Chess APK

Acid Ape Studios

May 01 16

Acid Ape Chess is a chess application that combines online and engine play in a carefully...Arasan ranked on CCRL ELO Cheng ranked on CCRL ELO...Instead Acid Ape Chess provides you with the best chess user experience available...

Acid Snake APK logo image

Acid Snake APK


March 15 2016

But beware there may be an acid in apples and it can either help or just make everything...

Amino Acid Test APK logo image

Amino Acid Test APK

Jamie Lynch

January 06 16

Improve your knowledge of all proteinogenic amino acids...Each molecule is color coded by its side chain to help your revision...Perfect for university level students or the interested public...

Acid - Layers Theme APK logo image

Acid - Layers Theme APK

Jeremy Beck

October 01 15

Most layers should work on mdpi to xxxhdpi phones that are using compatible ROMs...AOSP Browser AOSP Keyboard Calculator CellBroadcastReceiver Contacts Desk...Download the app Install the app Go in your app drawer and open the app ...

Acid Reflux APK logo image

Acid Reflux APK


August 01 2015

Due to the increasing number of the people afected by acid reflux around the world...Keeping you up to date about acid reflux This app feeds from Medical News Today...

Acid Rain Demo APK logo image

Acid Rain Demo APK

Jhonny Gómez

October 02 15

La contaminaci n del medio ambiente ha llevado al mundo a un estado de deterioro...Contamination of the environment has led the world into a state of disrepair almost...Debes esquivar la lluvia cida mientras sobrepasas niveles y llegas al meollo de...

Acid cat's attack! APK logo image

Acid cat's attack! APK


May 27 16

Collect the fishes and buy new cats and extra lives...

Acid - Base Titration APK logo image

Acid - Base Titration APK

MakAnoh Studio

January 01 70

This application is a simulation to understand the workings and the steps in performing...It is suitable for chemistry students because this application is easy to use with...The latest update with the addition of a menu along with a description of its chemical...

Acid-Base Calculator APK logo image

Acid-Base Calculator APK


April 04 2015

Acid Base Calculator for Android video Trailer...This application has been developed to facilitate the quantitative approach to acid...Acid Base Status Individual Ion s Effect on Base Excess Apparent Strong Ion...

acid house match APK logo image

acid house match APK


April 03 15

Aunty Acid Bingo APK logo image

Aunty Acid Bingo APK

Cozy Games Management Limited

October 07 2014

This app enables users to play bingo and casino games from www...Hence the location services on the devices must be on for using this app...On successful login the user will be able to see the games available for playing...

Acid Bath APK logo image

Acid Bath APK

Nice Biscuit

January 31 2014

An Audio Book adaptation of Garson s sci fi adventure story set in the outskirts...ACID BATH is the story of one John who experiences aliens and the mysteries of encountering...ACID BATH works on every level a welcome addition to the world of audio books...

Double Double-pendulum APK logo image

Double Double-pendulum APK

Ashley P. Willis

March 01 16

Double pendula side by side for demonstration of sensitivity to initial conditions...Drag pendulum to starting position then press play...If displaying POs this will select a PO as an initial condition...

Acid Puppy: Interstellar APK logo image

Acid Puppy: Interstellar APK


November 11 2015

This adorable puppy leaved home looking for adventures in space...

Acid Apocalypse APK logo image

Acid Apocalypse APK

Zeeshan Jan

August 16 16

Help Jordan outrun the Blob wave and fight zombies along the way in this fast paced...

Infant Acid Reflux APK logo image

Infant Acid Reflux APK

The Reflux Bible

December 18 2015

Reflux Reflux disease allergy Intolerance Gi issues in babies and young children...All information provided has been from my own personal experience as a mother to...Information and support for parents and caregiver of babies and young children with...

Authors on Acid APK logo image

Authors on Acid APK

MEDL Mobile

October 06 15

Authors on Acid AOA for short is a game designed for friends strangers and people...Chek Chekovs Czechoslovakian check checking center may not actually be a real place...Did we mention it s free Well it is because were basically Mother Teresa over...

Psy Acid APK logo image

Psy Acid APK

Lamp Soft

January 01 70

Acid Jazz Radio APK logo image

Acid Jazz Radio APK

Speedo Apps

October 07 15

Acid Jazz radio is the best free and personalized radio service that plays the best...Also long press to delete any station from the favorite list...High quality music Even a slow internet speed is enough to run the radio station...

Acid car APK logo image

Acid car APK

Biscuit Placebo

September 16 15

Acid car is a fast hard frustrating and addictive arcade game about driving fast...Acid car is a solid hard frustrating and addictive arcade game about driving fast...How long will you survive Drive though avoid crashing...

Acid-Base Calculator APK logo image

Acid-Base Calculator APK

Ali Emami

September 16 15

This is a practical physical chemical acid base calculator based on the analysis...Convenient for bedside management of clinical acid based problems...

Acid base calculator APK logo image

Acid base calculator APK

imc marketing & consult gmbh

December 16 2014

Acid base calculator for Android video Trailer...New acid base app as a practical acid base calculator...All basic food products at a glance in order to neutralize your body...

Acid Drum Pads APK logo image

Acid Drum Pads APK

Barbecue Army

October 02 15

He tap keeps a pad considered and please enjoy sound...

Acid Reflux Remedies APK logo image

Acid Reflux Remedies APK

bluemonkey apps

September 15 15

Is acid reflux controlling your life Do you desire to have a day without the acute...

Acid Cam APK logo image

Acid Cam APK


May 26 16

Acid Cam for Android distorts the picture coming from your camera...If it is not installed the program will ask you if you want to install it when you...If the application runs slow try a lower resolution through the menu...

Acid Base pH APK logo image

Acid Base pH APK

Roman Volinsky

September 12 2015

pK values log K and regular K values but only in a particular scientific...Acid Base pH is the ultimate tool for accurate estimation of pH values of acid ...Additionally it is possible to find titrant volume needed to achieve desired pH...

Acid Rainbow APK logo image

Acid Rainbow APK

BluWolf Mobile

September 17 15

Choose quickly and be careful mistakes and slow reflexes will cost progression to...Congratulate yourself and your friends by connecting to the leaderboards to compare...Each level brings faster fading colors and more difficult level progression...

Acid Aid APK logo image

Acid Aid APK


October 03 15

Acid Aid Collect the acid drops before they hit the floor and melt your lives...

Acid Reflux Treatments APK logo image

Acid Reflux Treatments APK

Free Apps for you

October 05 15

Acid reflux is one of the most common problem we are facing today due to food poison...So we made some simple treatments to get over the acid reflux and heart burn...The app have some real simple remedies for the acic refluxion that you can use it...

Amino Acid Guide APK logo image

Amino Acid Guide APK

Axton Pitt

September 30 15

This is a great tool if you are just starting out and need to learn about amino acids...D Structure and Simplified diagrams will help you learn the chemical structure of...Browse through each amino acid and learn about its specific properties...

Acid Drop TV APK logo image

Acid Drop TV APK

Mobihighway Ltd.

September 17 15

Everything your skateboarding heart could ever desire all in the palm of your hand...Get the best discounts off thousands of skateboards and skateboarding accessories...The Acid Drop app is designed by skaterboarders for skateboarders to showcase their...

Acid Trip Simulator APK logo image

Acid Trip Simulator APK

LifeLike Inc.

June 03 16

Ever wondered what type of visual hallucinations you would experience on LSD Simply...

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